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Nicht immer ist eine Standardsoftware ausreichend um individuelle Anforderungen gerecht zu werden, wir schaffen Lösungen

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Bootstrap v2.0.4 veröffentlicht und steht kostenlos zum downloaden bereit

Einfache und flexible HTML, CSS, Javascript Komponente für beliebte Benutzeroberflächen und Interaktionen.

Anknüpfend an das große Update (Bootstrap Version 2.0.3) vor ein paar Wochen hat Bootstrap einige Probleme mit der Dokumentation und grundlegende CSS-Fehler mit einem weiteren Update behoben (Bootstrap Version 2.0.4).






  • Addedtype="button" to all dismiss buttons in alerts and modals to avoid a bug in which they prevent their parent’s form from properly submitting.
  • Added simple documentation to Base CSS for .lead.
  • Added new CSS test to illustrate how the navbar, static and fixed, behaves.
  • Clarified grid sizing copy to include mention of responsive variations.
  • Reformatted the LESS docs page to prevent terrible table displays at smaller grid sizes.
  • Miscellaneous typos and tweaks.


  • legend and .form-actions share the same border-color, #e5e5e5.
  • Fixed some responsive issues with input-prepend and -append, notably with the fluid grid.
  • Added special CSS to prevent max-width: 100%; on images from messing up Google Maps rendering.
  • Scope opened dropdowns to only immediate children to avoid unintended cascade.
  • Similarly, scope floated-right dropdowns to immediate children with .pull-right > .dropdown-menu.
  • Updated .placeholder() mixin to use & operator in Less for proper output when compiling.
  • Added -ms-input-placeholder to .placeholder() mixin.
  • Added CSS3 hyphens mixin.
  • Fixed a bug in IE7/8 where certain form controls would not show text if the parent had a filter opacity set.

Für den kompletten Changelog, schau direkt auf Github von Twitter-Bootstrap über folgenden Link nach:
2.0.4 milestone on GitHub

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