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Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.2 Release (update)

Letztes Wochenende hat Twitter Bootstrap ein weiteres größeres Bugfix-Release (Update) veröffentlicht. Die meisten Bugfixes beziehen sich auf CSS-, Dokumentation-Fixes und einigen wichtigen Änderungen im JavaScript. Hier ist eine Auflistung was neu in diesem Release ist und was geändert wurde:




  • Assets (illustrations and examples) are now retina-ready.
  • Replaced with Holder.js , a client-side and retina-ready placeholder image tool.


  • Temporary fix added for dropdowns on mobile to prevent them from closing early.


  • No longer inherits font-size: 0; when placed in button groups.
  • Arrows refactored to work in IE8, and use less code.
  • Plugin no longer inserts popover content into a <p> , but rather directly into .popover-content .

Labels and badges:


  • Nesting support with .table-bordered and .table-striped greatly improved.


Print styles, from HTML5 Boilerplate, have been added.

Get a more complete list by viewing the 2.2.2 milestone on GitHub . Most of the issues not mentioned above are minor CSS tweaks and documentation typos.


Download Bootstrap 2.2.2 (latest master ZIP)


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